Knights & Dragons : Rise of the Dark Prince – Y U NO HAV DATA?

So I am pretty hooked on this new iOS game called Knights & Dragons : Rise of the Dark Prince. Now this game is under a month old but still I haven’t found any sort of database or collection of information anywhere on the internet. With all the gamers and bored people out there on the internet I would think one would have some data…but no.

So I am planning on putting a page together in order to help others….hopefully it will help others like me who just want a little edge on the game or just to know what they hell you are doing since there is very little information on the game even in the game or on the developers website.

So here are a few pictures to help with armor creation to start. These are taken in order to help when you are making armour and there is no way to check on how many or what items it takes to make a different set.

photo 5




If you want to add any information or pictures/combinations leave a comment or send me a message. I will be putting more stuff up later.

Thanks to sarahawilliams we have this lovel element chart 😀

KD Map

FULL MAP – Added by Sarah

Castle Expansion – “How do I expand my castle”

  • Each expansion will give you 4 squares of space, except the first couple of expansions where they only provide 1 and 2 squares.
  • Each expansion will cost 2x / double what the last expansion costs. The final expansion will cost 2 million gold.
  • To build on an expansion you must have nothing else building and the space already bought.
  • If you have no spaces free but want to see how much a building costs or produces in income, click the menu and then into shop, and then hit the buildings tab.

TIP: Save up for a Training Grounds. After, continue building Training Grounds in each expansion possible (beside fusion and blacksmith). The speed and amount of income from Training Grounds will be enough to expand you castle fully in a very short amount of time (relatively). After you have expanded all slots of your castle, continue to save more gold for fusions and crafting. Once you feel adequate in your resources change the layout and content of your castle.

(Info bellow added by Sarah & Samel)

Required buildings to complete expansion quests released so far.

2x Armorsmith
4x Guard Tower
3x Water Fountain
3x Cathedral
3x Tavern
2x Crystal Conservatory
2x Dungeon
2x Monster Nest
2x Training Field

Boss fights and resources –

  • Crafting resources are dropped by monsters.
  • A monster may drop an elemental shard once killed.
  • A monster will drop an elemental shard if killed with a special attack.
  • The shard dropped will share one of the elements of said monster. 
  • Defeating a stronger minion, found in higher stages of each area (mighty, epic, etc…) with a special attack will have chance to drop a rare elemental drop. ( Info added by users SamuelGWindz )
  • Bosses are found at the end of each level of difficulty of each area of the map.
  • After defeating the Boss at the end of the Epic level difficulty of the area you will be able to summon the Boss when you want at the Summoning Circle at the cost of gems (paid content).
  • If you defeat a Boss with a normal non special attack it will drop a shard from its element attribute.
  • If you defeat a Boss with a special attack (of any element) it will drop a rare drop(s) that share its elemental attribute.
  • Drops from Bosses beside the rare elemental drop, it MAY drop others things including, chest keys, fusion stars, ultra rare elemental drops, and or additional elemental shards.

Fusion Data – Enhancing Armor Sets

Armor Level Cap

Level 1 has max 30 levels (Basic Armor)

Level 2 has max 30 levels (Mono Elemental Armor)

Level 3 has max 50 levels (Dual Elemental Armor : Lower Stats Form)

Leve 4 has max 50 levels  (Dual Elemental Armor: Higher Stats Form)

Level 5 has max 70 levels

Nemisis Raid Boss Armor has max  30 levels



Armor Point Requirements

Level 1 Armor sets need 4 points per level.

Level 2 Armor sets need

Level 3 Armor sets need

Level 4 Armor sets need

Level 5 Armor sets need

Level 6 Armor sets need

Nemesis Raid Boss Armor needs



Armor Point Values – “How many points will they add to an armor set”

(Level of Added Armor)   (Matching Element Points)   (Non Matching Element Points)

1                                                     6                                                  5

2                                                   10                                                  11

3                                                   24                                                  ?

4                                                    50                                                ?

5                                                    ?                                                    ?

?                                                    ?                                                    ?

Nemisis                                        ?                                                   ?


So thanks to Samuel he has given us some recipes for some armor here they are:

Hydra Hunter’s Mail = Dragonflame (Lv. 1) + Seafoam (Lv. 1)

Flamestorm Finery = Dragonflame (Lv. 1) + Wing Warrior (Lv. 1)

Snakeskin Armor = Stonescale (Lv. 1) + Seafoam (Lv. 1)

Living Flame Armor = Mystic (Lv. 1) + Dragonflame (Lv. 1)

Atlantean Avenger = Seafoam (Lv. 1) + Wing Warrior (Lv. 1)

Chimera Corps = Stonescale (Lv. 1) + Mystic (Lv. 1)

Wavecharmer’s Mantle = Seafoam (Lv .1) + Mystic (Lv. 1)

Volcanic Mantle = Dragonflame (Lv. 1 ) + Stonscale (Lv. 1)

Flowstone Battlegear = Basic Earth + Basic Wind

Monk Vestments = Basic Earth + Basic Spirit

Monstrous Garb (Lv. 1) = Basic Wind (Lv. 1) + Basic Earth (Lv. 1)

Monk’s Vestments (Lv. 1) = Basic Earth (Lv. 1) + Basic Spirit (Lv. 1)

Brawler’s Armor (Lv. 1) =  Basic Earth (Lv. 1) + Basic Spirit (Lv. 1)

Chimera Corps Uniform (Lv. 1) = Basic Spirit (Lv. 1) + Basic Earth (Lv. 1)

Steam Wizard’s Robes (Lv. 1) = Basic Water (Lv. 1) + Basic Fire (Lv. 1)

Vinewood Carapace (Lv. 6) = Atlantean Armor (Lv. 1) + Stonescale (Lv. 1)

Monstrous Garb (Lv. 6) = Atlantean Armor (Lv. 1) + Stonescale (Lv. 1)

Monstrous Garb (Lv. 1) = Winged Warrior (Lv 1) + Stonescale (Lv. 1)

* I don’t know what this one is called but it has a cool scythe and is wind and stone * = Atlantean Avenger (Lv. 30) + Stonescale (Lv. 30) : for this one I don’t know if that’s what will always happen but that’s what happened to me

Wind Monarch’s Robes = Living Flame Robe (Lv. 15) + Atlantean Avenger (Lv. 15)
Monstrous Garb (Lv. 30) + Mystic (Lv. 30) : same as above ^

Info Added by sarahwilliams2013 / Serenity – Thanks to Sarah we have some more data here it is 😀

Set combinations as follows: all done with Lvl 1 Armors

** Still in the works, but the order of the armors placed in the “fusion” may result in the creation of different armor sets. ***

Basic Elements

Fire + Water = Steam Wizards Robes Lvl1
Fire + Spirit = Livingflame Armor Lvl1
Fire + Air = Flamestorm Finery Lvl1
Fire + Earth = Volcanic Mantle Lvl1

Water + Spirit = Glacier Armor Lvl1
Water + Air = Atlantean Avenger Armor Lvl1
Water + Earth = Asura Armor Lvl1
Water + Fire = Steam Wizards Robes Lvl1

Spirit + Air = Wind Monarch’s Robes Lvl1
Spirit + Earth = Brawler’s Armor Lvl1
Spirit + Fire = Livingflame Armor Lvl1
Spirit + Water = Glacier Armor Lvl1

Air + Earth = Monstrous Garb Lvl1
Air + Fire = Flamestorm Finery Lvl1
Air + Water = Atlantean Avenger Armor Lvl1
Air + Spirit = Wind Monarch’s Robes Lvl1

Earth + Fire = Volcanic Mantle Lvl1
Earth + Water = Asura Armor Lvl1
Earth + Spirit = Brawler’s Armor Lvl1
Earth + Air = Monstrous Garb Lvl1

Second Tier Armor Combinations:

Dragon Flame Armor
+ Seafoam Armor = Hydra Hunter’s Mail Lvl1
+ Mystic Armor = Livingflame Armor Lvl1
+ Wind Warrior Armor = Flamestorm Finery Lvl1
+ Stonescale Plate Mail = Volcanic Mantle Lvl1

Seafoam Armor
+ Mystic = Glacier Armor Lvl1
+ Wind Warrior Armor = Atlantean Avenger Armor Lvl1
+ Stonescale Plate Mail = Snakeskin Armor Lvl1
+ Dragonflame Armor = Hydra Hunter’s Mail Lvl1

Mystic Armor
+ Wind Warrior Armor = Wind Monarch’s Robes Lvl1
+ Stonescale Plate Mail = Chimera Corps Uniform Lvl1
+ Dragonflame Armor = Livingflame Armor Lvl1
+ Seafoam Armor = Glacier Armor Lvl1
+ Snakeskin Armor = Chimera Corps Uniform Lvl1

Wing Warrior Armor
+ Stonescale Plate Mail = Crius Armor Lvl1
+ Dragonflame = Flamestorm Finery Lvl1
+ Seafoam Armor = Atlantean Avenger Armor Lvl1
+ Mystic Armor = Wind Monarch’s Robes Lvl1

Stonescale Plate Mail
+ Dragonflame Armor = Volcanic Mantle Lvl1
+ Seafoam Armor = Snakeskin Armor Lvl1
+ Mystic Armor = Chimera Corps Uniform Lvl1
+ Wind Warrior Armor = Crius Armor Lvl1

Second Tier is missing some of the snakeskin mixes as haven’t tried yet.

Third Tier Combinations:

Living Flame Armor + Atlantean Avenger Armor = Steam Wizard’s Robes Lvl1
Living Flame Armor + Crius Armor = Armor of the Infernal Lord Lvl1
Atlantean Avenger Armor + Chimera Corps Uniform = Crius Armor Lvl1

Well that’s all I’ve tried so far hope it helps.

As far as I can tell the following are Raid Armors but only about 5 are available from the Armorsmith and as such can be made + versions.
Asura Armor (Earth/Water Element)

Steam Wizard’s Robes (Water/Fire Element)

Glacier Armor (Spirit/WaterElement)

Flamestorm Finery (Air/Fire Element)

Volcanic Mantle (Earth/Fire Element)

Royal Flame Armor (Spirit/Fire Element)

Wave Charmer’s Mantle (Water/Spirit Element)

Monk’s Vestments (Spirit/Earth)

Brawler’s Armor (Spirit/Earth Element)

Wind Monarch’s Robes (Spirit/Air Element)

Flow stone Battlegear (Air/Earth Element?)

Monstrous Garb (Earth/Air Element)

Barbarian Battlegear (Fire/Air Element)

Ember steel Armor (Fire/Spirit Element?)

Flamegem Nemesis Armor (Water Element)

Asura Nemesis Armor (Spirit Element)

Bone Dragon’s Nemesis Armor (Fire Element)

Efreet’s Nemesis Robes (Water Element)

Forgemaster’s Garb (Earth/Fire Element)

Forgemaster’s Nemesis Armor (Fire Element)

Giant’s Nemesis Armor (Air Element)

Saytr’s Nemesis Armor (Fire Element)


Location and Drops/Loot dropped from Boss:

Relic Ruins: Stone Slabs

Thieves Cove: Chunks of Coral

Skeletons Tomb: Snakeskin Leather Strips

Flaming Wildwood: Crimson Dragon Scales

Cold Rock Crags: Valhallan Steel Ingot

Faerie Forest: Mystic Cloth

Writhing Cascade: Chunk of Coral and Typhoon Gems

Guardian’s Crossing: Valhallan Steel Ingot and Shiny Shards

Sparkling Steppes: Stone Slabs and Chimera Talons

Blazing Tides: Mystic Cloth and Phoenix Feathers

Caballero Desert: Crimson Dragon Scales and Hydra Scales

Sunken Carrack: Typhoon Gems and Ghostly Beard Hairs

Misty Marsh: Hydra Scales and Wriggling Roots (Ultra Rare Resource)

Zephyr Plateau: Shiny Shards and Roc Feathers ** you can get Mystic Cloth from a Purple Faerie by using a special attack.

Haunted Citadel : Chimera Talons and Infernal Iron (Super Rare)

As well…

And you get a higher chance of getting the rarer resources by defeating the bosses on EPIC Lvl. I think it might be 70/30% in favor of the better resource, where as if on the normal Lvl it like the opposite only like a 30% chance of getting the rarer resource.

Atlantean Avenger Armor Level 50 stats
Attack 746
Defence 777

Wind Monarch’s Robes Lvl 50 stats
Attack 595
Defence 525

User Gabriel provided this recipe 😀
Living Flame Armor + Crius Armor =  Barbarian Raiding Gear

Glacier Armour plus level 50-

offense 574 defense 636
Royal Flame Armour plus level 50-

offense 795 defense 636


User Nainoa added this information 🙂

Wave Charmer = Seafoam armor + Mystic Armor


Info added by User Jake
Roc Feather Armor = Atlantean avenger armor + Living flame robes

Info Added by Botakzzz

Embersteel = basic fire + basic spirit

Info added by Notley

if you combine wind warriors with dragonflame (wind on the left side, dragon on the right side) then you make Flamestorm Finery

Embersteel = dragonflame + mystic armor.

Info Added by Kakui

Flowstone Battlegear = Wing Warrior + Stonescale Plate

Info Added by David Kuo

Flowstone Battlegear = Wing Warrior + Stonescale Plate

Barbarian Raiding Gear = Flowstone Battlegear + Living Flame

Info Added by Pongo

To all that is still interested i found the solution to the starmetal armor. note this worked for me it may not work for all.

1. Crius armor + living flame armor (both lvl 15) = barbarian raiding gear
2. Barbarian rading gear + Spectral captain uniform(+) = Starmetal armor

I guess because i fused two lvl 70 armor together it gave me a chance at this rare armor. btw its element is a hexagon which means its all elements, so nothing is effective against it, but im not sure if its the other way around


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